A ‘cube in movement’, a great synergy between style and technology

Put CharLi wherever you want (it has its own powerful battery), and you’ll charge your phone just in front of you and you’ll keep using it thanks to its long cables! There are 5 cables available 

Charge your device anywhere!

You’ll charge your smartphone just in front of you, and you’ll keep using it thanks to the long cables available that allows you to keep using it!


CharLi charger will charge your guests’ phone while promoting your brand. They will keep using their smartphones while charging thanks to the long cables available. It has a long lasting rechargeable battery : just charge it up nightly and place it anywhere! No cords to trip over and no rewiring of the space!

No more ‘Tom can you charge my smartphone for 10 minutes?’ Tom will provide to charge your smartphone through CharLi! No more charging back in the kitchen or who knows where…
You’ll charge your smartphone just in front of you, and you’ll keep using it.


CharLi Charger – Charging Station

If you use your smartphone (Instagram+Facebook+YouTube+mail+games+) you start in the morning with 100% battery and you’ll have 50% at lunch time. With its linearity and its great design, CharLi can be placed anywhere a cellphone charging station is needed:  it brings a necessary service with elegance and sobriety.
At the bar, at the restaurant, at the hairdresser (how many ladies spend hours at the hairdresser!?),
in meeting rooms, in waiting rooms..

Just imagine a place where CharLi will be useful to smartphone users, that’s a good place for CharLi!


Just send us your logo / images and we will create a complete custom high quality wrap that will promote your brand


CharLi Charger has a powerful battery inside that allows it to be placed anywhere without ugly power cords that can be tripped over


5 retractable phone charging cables and one open USB port provides phone charging options for every type of phone on the market today


for Menus, napkins, brochures, messages…


Model CharLi 2


Maximum Power 5.2W per output
Dimensions (HxWxD) 5,62 x 5,98 x 7,12 inches

Package Dimensions (HxWxD)

8,14 x 6,29 x 7,48 inches

Net Weight

4,96 LB

Brut Weight

5.84 LB

Operating Temperature

32-104 F°

Storage Temperature

-4-122 F°

Maximum Relative Humidity

90% (non condensing)

Noise at 3,28 FT


Input voltage

13,6 – 14 Vdc

Maximum input current


Output voltage


Maximum Output Current

1000mA per output


12V 5Ah Pb Ca

Typical Recharge Time 6-8h

Our Office

Njuko d.o.o. 


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